Nauras Ali
Head of Metaphysics
Body of WIESE
María San José Sanchez
Head of eñe
Marina Naprushkina
Head of Propaganda
Leyla Nurmuhamed
Head of Liebe und Ordnung
Esther Reiners
Head of Fearless

Mazen al Sawaf

Head of Taste

Leonard Viohl
Head of Interference
Marwa Younes Almokbel
Head of Alle Berge und Orientierung
Body of WIESE
Ruslan Aliev
Head of Keep it Going
Ghaith Nwelati
Head of Languages
and Hope
Christian Filips
Head and Shoulders of Wiese & Theaterkollektiv Unsichtbare Stadt
Norbert Pape
 Head of Dance, Mathematics and Sensuous Cognition
Richard Sommer
Head of Energy
Nele Van den Berghe
Head of Syntax & Swivels
Majd Alkilany
Head of Harmony and Melodies
Erik Rahn
Head of Togetherness and Understanding
Kenan Khadaj
Head of Pot
Antonia Dengel
Head of Storytelling
Nicola Schüschke
Head of Lachen und Sonne
Isana Shahinas
Head of Kanzleramt
Sarah Kwasnicki
Head of Intuition and Ambition
Jakob Jonathan Stolte
Head of Distribution
Miriam Wahdat 
Head of Vocals
Joud Ajam
Head of Sarcasm
Edoardo Micheli
Head of Sound
Abbas Al-Shafeay
Head of birds and colors
Eleonore de Montesquiou
Head of Sheroes
Laura Meyer
Head of Barchitecture
Anna-Liisa Seifert
Social Sister
Anja Wild
Head of Here
if you need me
Ana María Rodríguez Bisbicus
Head of Performative Experiments
Christiane Moering-Haiges
Lena Cornelis
Head of Peace
Greta Cazzola
Head of Yellow
Can Rastovic 
Head of Living Archive
Saara Toukolehto
Head of Multitasking
Ghaith Kheir Allah
Head of Economy
and Headlessness
Mohammad Ali Dowwah
Head of Struggles and Challenges
Beiträge demnächst verfügbar
Bleiben Sie dran...
Sandra Krause 
Head of Enthusiasmus
Hela Martens
Head of Optimism
Christina Viegas
Head of Misunderstanding zwischen Berg und Tal
Raphaela Edler
Alice Cazzola
Head of Copyright

We consider art the foundation of all the disciplines.