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Collective WIESE (Literature and Theater) 

WIESE is about literature, poetology, and the autonomy of linguistic beauty—but also about claims to social space and politics.
WIESE meets Wednesdays
, reads, discusses, and translates texts together, mainly in Arabic and German.

WIESE collaborates with the MMC-based theatre and performance group INVISIBLE CITY (Uunsichtbare Stadt) and the DRUSIAN NATIONAL THEATRE AS-SUWAIDA.
Participants in the WIESE currently include Rahaf Gharzaddien, Nauras Ali, Kenan Khadaj, Marwa Younes Almokbel, Christian Filips, Miriam Rainer and other.
Initiated by Christian Filips.

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Collective Basis and Future (Visual Art)

The “Basis and Future” class takes its starting point the work of Studio 26 as a platform for art as a means of political and social engagement. For people of all ages. The workshops are open to all age groups and to people with or without prior artistic experience. Workshops and meetings take place every week.
We work with various media: printmaking (linocut and silkscreen), painting, drawing, photography, and animation.
Deborah Anne Bowen, Nadira Hausain, Greta Cazzola, Laura Meyer, Alice Cazzola, Marina Naprushkina, Christian Wollgast, Vera Varlamova, Abbas Al-Shafeay, Uma Gadzieva, Nicola Schüschke, Alan Khaled, Eleonore de Montesquiou and other.

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Image and Propaganda (Design)

IP is responsible for creating visuals for all the events held by the MMC and translating messages into graphic and text form as books, posters, flyers, and publications. IP produces the MMC-Magazine. 


Language and Friendship (Linguistics)

The Language and Friendship Class will build on five years of experience with the German Stammtisch at Neue Nachbarschaft/Moabit. The Stammtisch format of regular get-togethers was founded in 2013. At these events, old and new neighbors meet at Neue Nachbarschaft three times per week to converse in German and get to know one another. The Stammtisch is not a language class in the traditional sense, but a language laboratory and social interaction.
The class will support and further develop the Stammtisch format by exploring issues around language learning and friendship, by writing essays, holding short presentations for further discussion, reinforcing connections between and among participants, and by emphasizing participation and empathy. The class investigates friendship as a social relationship that is of extraordinary importance for both individuals and society. In modern societies, natural “friendships” based on personal connections, trust, and long-term relationships have become increasingly rare. This leads to growing social isolation and depression at the individual level, which has long-term impacts on society as a whole.

The class will develop theoretical and practical methods.


Sheroes of Jabalmoa 

International women’s group that meets once a week for exchange about language, the body, and everyday life.

We are women, just women or sheroes, sheroes of the mountains of Moa. We come from all over the world, Sudan, Syria, Gambia, India, Russia, France, Germany and so on and so forth and each of us brings something from her own world every week.

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Foto: @ Can Rastovic

Movement and Voice (Politics and Music)

The Movement and Voice Class will build on the activities of the Political Working Group founded at Neue Nachbarschaft/Moabit in summer 2017. The group organized the campaign "HIER WÄHLEN ALLE" (everyone votes here) during the German parliamentary election of fall 2017. Numerous events, actions, lectures, and meetings with politicians were held as part of the campaign. 

The class will continue developing new political formats for political education, debate, and participation. It will incorporate the experiences of the other classes into its work, and have the resources of the MMC at its disposal.

The class will found a choir for new songs that move and inspire people.


“إنسِجام” Insi’Jam (Musical Collective)

Open group of musicians and music-lovers of different musical, ethnical and social backgrounds.
In our weekly Jamsession we provide a space with a complete setup of instruments from electric guitar to darbuka - open for everyone to play and listen to no matter how different the individual interests, emotions, styles and skills shared may be. While Jammin’, organizing external concerts and exercising in a recently founded band-project, we learn from each other and share our knowledge.


Wednesday kitchen

Cooking for 100 people every Wednesday. International traditional dishes: economical, simple and tasty: best cooking school.


Chess Collective

Every Tuesday from 19:45


Regular Workshops:


Every Monday from 19:45


Every Tuesday from 19:45

coming soon:

Spirit and Spirits (Bar-Culture)


Landscape and Migration (Gardening)

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