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See Radio

What is the power and nature of waves? As a part of our community and Artistic Ecologies, we start with See Radio. Here at Tegel lake located in the middle of the woods (but also in the middle of the city) - we will talk about community, its practice rooted in nature, water & earth, related to time, togetherness and shared voices. Water with its amazing flexibility has its hydro-logic: Rather than the sharp-edged self-sufficiency, it moves towards symbiotic relations and phenomena such as commensalism. The logic of water tells us that our own embodiment is never fully autopoietic. Open your ears!

Agnieszka, Florina, Vera

SeeeeRadio and Podcast is a part of the two-year collaborative project Artistic Ecologies: New Compasses, Tools and Alliances conceived in collaboration with WHW, Zagreb, the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, and Neue Nachbarschaft/Moabit, Berlin.
Co-funded by European Union and Foundation Between Bridges.

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See Radio — #12 Poetics of Passionate Tongues

In this episode we look back at the fantastic feminist futures event with Lahya Aukongo and Amora C.Bosco in summer 2023 at Strandbad Tegelsee. The two artists delve into the depths of their individual journeys in a conversation-based performance of Spoken-Word. They share their poetry, their inspirations, their politics and their touch on intersectional feminist perspectives in the arts.

See Radio — #11 Reading as practice of care / Fürsorge durch Lesen

In this episode, Mariam Agamian walks us through the Reading at the Lake (Lesen am See) which took place at Strandbad Tegel on 28th of July 2023.

See Radio — #10 Language and Textile

In this episode, Marta Sala and Cheong Kin Man reflect on their project at Strandbad Tegel, a specially designed umbrella intended for use during the summer. They also discuss their artistic practice involving language and textiles.

See Radio — #9 Where is the Love, Maybe we Should Take it to the Street*

With this episode, we will be taken back to the event "Lesen am See" organized by Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock, Hubert Gromny, Kelly Krugman, Mokia Laisin, and Lia Milanesio. Let's immerse ourselves once again in the amazing performance of texts, comments, and the dialogue all at once!

See Radio — #8 Radio that listens

"Imagine a radio that, instead of numbing us to sounds, strengthens our imagination and creativity. Instead of manipulating us into faster work and more buying, it inspires us to invent. Instead of fatiguing us, it refreshes our acoustic sensitivity. Instead of making us ignore thoughts and surroundings, it stimulates listening. Instead of broadcasting the same things again and again, it does not repeat. Instead of silencing us, it encourages us to sing, to speak, and make radio ourselves. Instead of merely broadcasting at us, it lets us listen through it." - R. Murray Schafer

See Radio — #7 Acoustic Communities

In this episode, musician and sound artist Edoardo Micheli will talk on how ecosystems are inhabited by acoustic communities that are constantly listening to each other, and about the complexity of the resulting soundscape, on decolonial ecologies and the climate crisis. Also on hybrid (human and non-human) communities and some ideas on how to listen to all this.

See Radio — #6 fff!

In this episode you can listen to the part of conversation with Jelena and Bojana Fužinato who shared with us their reflections just after finishing the remake of their work “Kitchen#1” from 2013. This piece is a role-play of performers switching between cooking and reading, intending to reflect on different dimensions and contrasts of feminist perspectives in the present. The conversation also included Endi Tupja artist, filmmaker and storyteller, who was invited by Jelena and Bojana to perform with them “Kitchen#3: unfinished, undone and never ending". The artists shade a light on the process of remaking this very piece but also their own practice in the context of feminist position.

See Radio — #5 Sommer, Sonne, Strandbad!

Strandbad Tegelsee vorgestellt von Diana, Kadishat und Zainab.

See Radio — #4 Beyond Language.

The podcast beyond language is a collection of experiences on the importance or unimportance of "speaking a common language" in human to human interaction.

See Radio — #3 Strandbad-Residency 2022. Alina Dzeravianka: On women’s crafts, textile, and embroidery.

Talk with our researcher in residence Alina Dzeravianka, where she will present her practice working with rural people and share her experience with the audience.

See Radio — #2 Down by the water

In this episodes you will hear the extracts from different events organized during Artistic Ecologies: the talk with artist Rupali Patil, invited in the frame of fantastic feminists futures, and extracts from two reading Lesen am See, and the conversation with Shane Munro, an artist and member of Neue Nachbarschaft community. While listening you will discover water itself as another speaker, our main protagonist!

See Radio — #1 Literarische Diverse

In dieser Folge stellt sich im Rahmen unserer Reihe „Lesen am See“ ein unabhängiger Verlag vor: die Literarische Diverse, die 2019 in Berlin von Yasemin Altınay gegründet wurde. Der Verlag fördert mit Magazinen und Büchern Gleichberechtigung in der deutschen Literaturlandschaft und veröffentlicht vorrangig marginalisierte Stimmen.

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